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Conscience Connected Breathwork with Heart Moments Meditations 




We take an hour to clean out our stuff and refocus renew breathe in the good and out what's holding us back limiting us causing us to be stuck in life business school relationships.

Come breathe in peace and breathe out stress breathe in calm and out anxiety breathe in hope breathe out fear

Transformation awaits you

Yoga Mat Provided ~feel free to bring a blanket and water



                                  Reiki 1 Certification
          plus bonus chakra balancing & crystals
                                            Date TBD


Reiki Level I teaches us to help heal ourselves, family and friends with the initial attunement to the Reiki energy. Reiki not only facilitates healing on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels but also enhances our own personal development, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.
You will have the ability to do reiki on yourself, family and friends on a non-professional basis.
Reiki can relieve any pain, discomfort etc from any ongoing illness as well as stimulating personal and spiritual growth.
Course Content:  Definition of Reiki. The History of Reiki.
The Reiki Principles. What Reiki healing is
The Aura and seven major Chakras.
How to do sessions on yourself and others
Practice doing full body treatment on a person lying down or in a chair.
Class Materials:
You will receive a Training Manual and Certificate & Chakra stone set
Bonus how to incorporate crystals and chakra balancing into your session $185 

small group

Open Women's  Circle ~ A play of safety, connection, and love  DATE TBD

When we connect deeply with other women, we connect deeply with
ourselves. Opening ourselves up and sharing the things that are close to our
hearts creates a space of shared vulnerability that leads to deep connection -the thing that we all, as human beings, crave more than anything.

And having the experience of being heard and supported by other women is
a deep rooted need that all women have. It unlocks our self worth, understanding, self love, and ability to grow.
When you experience the undivided love, support and attention of a group of
women who are fully present to you in that moment, you are reminded not
only of who you truly are but of what we are capable of as women when we
stand together and support one another.

This is a an open group which means the attendees may change monthly . This group will last 60-90 Minutes $12

More information to come about weekly closed group that will meet 8 weeks (closed just means the same women will meet weekly and then the group reopens again for new people or same women to continue that way the connections form stronger and deeper as we know one another more) 

For over 50 years Natures Sunsine

Free Health Assessment Available Online 

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