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Soul Journeying

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Offering Personalized Soul Journeying ~ Break Free

Psalms 23 He restores my soul
Psalm 19:7

The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul;
The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.
Psalm 138:3

On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul

What is a soul journey?

Given the right tools and space and healing opportunities we can allow our bodies to gain flexibility, by utilizing things like yoga you can help give your body back your awareness of core and work to spend time with my body moving for health. We  journey into the roots of your life perhaps trauma or loss, anger, or fears that have kept you stuck and held back from living your purpose and becoming unstock and free. 

Perhaps you will go through a sound immersion, breathwork, and wellness scan to also free up and find information helpful to relieve yourself of  what weighs you down.

Ask yourself right now

Do you feel stuck somewhere in your body and don't know where or you know where but don't know how to do something about it

Do you feel like you need someone to help you work through a hard time in your life or break free from emotions holding you captive or in pain from your past perhaps you tried with other therapy or counseling but it's still there

Do you feel yourself not okay or in a fog sometimes or alot of time

Does your joy feel missing or far off

What are you not saying that you need to say out loud

What have you never told anyone

Is it sometimes hard to breathe do you feel your body anxious or depressed and wishing you had a better way to cope

Do you ever ask yourself what is the point of all of this _________ or why is it all (life in general and the world around me) happening like it is

Why does my body feel so inflamed why do I hurt places I didn't before

I want to feel happy

I want to feel okay

I want to feel my heart beat again

I don't feel like I can pray anymore

Maybe all of this above

Your time to soul journey is now

How will we do this?

By utilizing different modalities including hypnotherapy, sound, vibration, biofield tuning, coaching, yoga, reiki, meditation, breathwork, HeartMath®, crystals, and Zyto scanning we will customize a program that will help balance, strengthen, inspire and motivate you to reach your goals and bring your body back into balance. Also giving you tools to take with you and continue daily in your wellness journey.

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